Elaine Freed Lindenblatt - Author Excelsior Editions Price: $19.95  Paperback - 278 pages Release Date: December 2014 ISBN10: N/A ISBN13: 978-1-4384-5368-2

Elaine Freed Lindenblatt – Author
Excelsior Editions
Price: $19.95
Paperback – 278 pages
Release Date: December 2014
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-5368-2

“Reading Stop at the Red Apple is like going down memory lane—I was instantly transported to happy memories of driving up to camp. Bravo, Elaine, and bravo to her family for the Red Apple.” — Joan Nathan

“Just wanted to tell you that I finished your book this weekend, and I loved it. It is a wonderful book–beautifully written and very moving. It’s also quite an accomplishment. I don’t know how you assembled all that material, organized it, and turned it into such an enjoyable reading experience. Wonderful! Thank you, Elaine.”  –Susan Cohn

Stop at the Red Apple is a true story of an important Catskill vacation tradition—from its embryonic stage until its ‘terminal demise’ as told by the founder’s daughter. If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy the delicious food and warm hospitality, you will have many special memories rekindled. Should you not have had the chance to do so, the planning, hard work, and personal sacrifices the family made to create and maintain this ‘landmark hospitality restaurant’ will fascinate you. I truly enjoyed my ‘stop’ at the Red Apple, I know you will too.” — Elaine Grossinger Etess, Executive Vice President and Co-owner of Grossinger’s

“Your father often asked me to help him carry heavy canvas bags of coins on trips to the bank. Just another heavy lifting job but I felt privileged and trusted to do it…I enjoyed your book immensely, especially as it confirmed many of my observations…I had many other temporary jobs to help pay for college but nothing like my service at the Red Apple. Thank you for the wonderful journey. And congratulations to all who made the Red Apple possible”. –  Peter Lawton

“The life of Red Apple Rest founder Reuben Freed is the quintessential immigrant success story. His restaurant is an icon of the golden age of American motor travel and the heyday of the Catskill resorts and borscht belt entertainers. Lindenblatt’s book is entertaining, atmospheric, and poignant. To readers who didn’t personally experience the Red Apple Rest, they will dearly wish that they had.” — Deborah Harmon, Executive Director, Tuxedo Historical Society

“Just the mere mention or the reading of the words that spell out the memorable eating place is enough to make my heart skip a beat. The Red Apple Rest, ah yes! If you are younger than fifty, chances are you may have heard of the Red Apple Rest, but you may not have experienced it. You really missed something.
Elaine Freed Lindenblatt is one of three daughters of Reuben Freed, the man of extraordinary vision without any experience in operating a restaurant. Elaine did a marvelous job in researching her family’s famous restaurant from its birth to what she sadly describes as its ‘terminal demise’.
There is so much more to Elaine Freed Lindenblatt’s story, and done so magnificently in style and interesting detail about the daily experiences at the Rest. I thank Elaine for allowing me to stop at the Red Apple once again. I strongly advise you to stop there too, by reading her book.” –Aubrey Sher, excerpted from Summer Chase Sun

“In 1991, I had a hit Broadway show called Catskills on Broadway. At the opening of the show, we produced a seven-minute film about the Catskills, and the audiences would react to everything they saw on the screen … but by far the biggest reaction came when, as part of the film, I drove up to the Red Apple Rest and took photographs of all the roadside signs … 4 miles to Red Apple Rest, 2 miles to Red Apple Rest, and the Red Apple Rest. The audience was incredible when they saw those signs… it brought them back to their youth.” — Freddie Roman, actor and producer

“I just finished reading the book last night, and was overwhelmed by your description of the rise and fall of the apple and the people who made it what it was….your writing is impressive……loving and touching, perceptive and completely honest all the way. people who are familiar with the times will marvel at your memory and your capacity for remembering details of the period that is truly amazing….in a sense, you have woven a personal memoir into the story of the apple which is both interesting and full of love of your father, the patriarch, and your family……for those of us old enough to know, you have done an amazing job, truly a labor of love and also of tenacity, to find the time in your busy life to put this all together and tell the story in such a compelling way. the red apple was a important part of the history of the region for over 50 years. it is a tribute to you to have recorded this history so beautifully…..i am in awe of your accomplishment”…….Joseph Scherzer



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